Symbols And Units Of Electrical Parameters

Symbols And Units Of Electrical Parameters, Electrical Dost

Symbols, Units, And Notations Of Electrical Parameters

Symbol Electrical
C capacitance [farads, F]
Q charge [coulombs, C]
E instantaneous E [volts, V]
G / ℧ conductance [siemens, S]
I current [amps, A]
i instantaneous I [amps, A]
k coefficient [number]
L inductance [henrys, H]
M mutual inductance [henrys, H]
N number of turns [number]
P power [watts, W]
q instantaneous Q [coulombs, C]
R/ Ω resistance [ohms, W]
T time constant [seconds, s]
t instantaneous time [seconds, s]
V voltage drop [volts, V]
v instantaneous V [volts, V]
W energy [joules, J]
Fi magnetic flux [webers, Wb]
Si magnetic linkage [webers, Wb]
Si instantaneous Y [webers, Wb]
Hz Frequency Hertz
W Power Watts

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