Microprocessor, Electrical Dost

Definition of microprocessor: A microprocessor is a chip that is dependent on other chips for many functions.

The microprocessor is a central Processing Unit of a general-purpose digital computer. The design of the microprocessor is very flexible. The microprocessor-based system requires more hardware. The clock rates of the microprocessor are very fast. It has many instructions to move data between memory and CPU.
It is a multi-purpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and provides results as output. They can address megabytes of memory and operate on 8 bit, 16 bit or 32-bit data.
Microprocessors operate on numbers and symbols represented in the binary numeral system. General-purpose microprocessors in personal computers are used for computation, text editing, multimedia display, and communication over the Internet.

Microprocessor, Electrical Dost

It consists of an ALU, accumulator, working register, program counter, stack pointer, clock and interrupts circuits. The microprocessor alone is not a complete digital computer in order to make it a complete computers on should add memory devices (ROM, RAM, EEPROM, EPROM, PROM), memory decoders, I/O devices (keyboard and display controller i.e. IC 8279, Timer/Counter i.e. IC 8253/8254, Programmable peripheral interface i.e. IC 8255, Programmable interrupt controller i.e. IC 8259 etc).

Microprocessors are used in :

1) Military applications
2) Games machine
3) Multi-user, multi-function
4) Environments
5) Traffic light Control
6) Data acquisition systems
7) Complex Industrial Controllers
8) Communication systems
9) Accounting system
10) Calculators

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