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How Electrical Accidents can be avoided?

How Electrical Accidents can be Avoided?

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1) The equipment installed should be used properly.

2) The instructions of sequence of operation shall be followed properly.

3) Machines shall never be mishandled or a person who don’ts know machines shall not be allowed to start/operate the machines.

4) Installation of the machines shall be as per the guidelines provided by the manufacture and a rate contract for maintenance shall be given to the competent agency.

5) Periodical inspection shall be carried out by by qualified and experienced Engineer and skilled technicians.

6) Repairs/Replacement suggested by the expert engineer shall be done immediately without delay.

7) For overhead electric lines, periodic patrolling must be done to inspect the lines. Faulty parts must be replaced.

8) As per the maintenance schedule the maintenance work must be attended to.

9) In emergency cases/prior to likely fault, the system should be break down and maintenance works shall be carried out.

10) Earthing must be checked periodically.

11) Insulation resistance must be measured as per the maintenance schedule.

12) Electrician, wire men, line-man shall use earth rods, rubber glows, insulated handle pliers, wooden stair etc.

13) Instead of a work to be allotted to a single person on electric lines outside, two persons to be deputed for the work.

14) Shut down and line charging procedure shall be done by written warrants.

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